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Green Bean CasseroleThere’s no need to stress when you have next to nothing in the pantry. All this meal needs is a couple of handfuls of green beans from the neighbours, roadside stall or freezer, a can of tomatoes, and Mrs Rogers spices to make a yummy meal.
Rosemary and Garlic Potato BakeNothing is better than a simple Rosemary and Garlic Potato Bake. Warm and smelling yummy on these cold nights, this potato bake will keep everyone happy.
Easy Upcycle Vege Stir Fry with Maple SyrupWhen preparing vegetables we tend to throw away at least 20% because, well, that’s what we’ve been taught to do. Try this Easy Upcycle Vege Stir Fry with Maple Syrup recipe and just see how much further your veges can go, you will be surprised at how much further your meals will go. Did you know that carrot tops, essentially the leaves, are totally edible and actually quite delicious? They taste faintly of carrot, and although they are slightly bitter with minor salt notes, there is no reason to throw them away at all.
Carrot and Wombok TartDo you grow your own carrots, or been given some by a green-thumbed friend? Well don’t wonder what to do with the green tops, certainly don’t throw them away! Upcycle the whole carrot, green tops included into this YUMMY tart.
Stuffed Moroccan KūmaraStuffed Moroccan Kūmara with Brown Rice, Pumpkin Seeds and Cranberries takes a normal kūmara and fancies it up, a lot!
FalafelFalafel is such a tasty snack or great filler for those tummies this winter. The best thing is you can make the mixture in advance and leave in the fridge until your ready to fry!
PicklesTo Pickle or not to Pickle….there’s no question!!! Remember going into Grandma’s pantry and looking up and seeing all of the yummy fruit, jams and pickles ready to eat. Then hearing that pop as the seal is broken, knowing that whatever is in that jar, is going to be one of the best foods you’ve tasted for a while. Well, here’s a pickling recipe that’s quick and easy and helps to save the vegetables that need to be eaten!
Roasted Broccolini with Moroccan DressingSometimes adding a simple dressing can really change a meal. Use Mrs Rogers Moroccan Seasoning to create this easy and yummy dressing to take your veggies to the next level!
Kumara Gnocchi with Herbed Cream SaucePasta is such a great way to fill those tummies during the cooler months and by making it yourself, you can add flavour to the actual pasta instead of the sauce you put on top. It’s also a lot of fun to make. Get the kids involved!
Vegetable En CrouteThe term ‘En Croute’ refers to anything food wrapped in pastry and baked. So add Mrs Rogers Garlic and Italian Herb Crusting Crumbs for a winner of a meal!
Herb and Mushroom RisottoNeed to fill your family’s tummies with a warm and hearty dish that’s quick and easy to make. Using Mrs Rogers Mixed Herbs, Porcini Sea Salt Flakes and Saffron, this will make an easy meal into a new family favourite!
Forager’s PlateThere’s nothing nicer than combining fresh ingredients and creating something really tasty…especially if you have the finished meal in 25 minutes! Try using Mrs Rogers Black Label BBQ Rubs Southern Oceans Fish Rub in this yummy recipe.
Spicy Chickpea and Vegetable Fritters (Vegan) by Michelle Gaskell Serves 4In a world chock-full of celebrity chefs and a seemingly endless array of recipe videos provided by social media (yes, we know we contribute to these!), culinary inspiration can strike at any moment. However, as our first Finalist in Mrs Rogers Recipe Competition, Michelle Gaskell told us, she was inspired at an early age. Her favourite food memory is coming home from school and drifting into the kitchen guided by the delicious decadent smells of her mum’s baking. She distinctly remembers sneaking extra biscuits and rearranging them so it didn’t look like any were missing. We are pretty sure that 8/10 husbands are guilty of the same “crime”. Michelle created her recipe to be quick and easy to make, plus flexible enough to be able to change the vegetables and herbs and spices used to suit any season or situation. This is the first recipe that Michelle has ever written down, and we are really hoping it isn’t her last.
Stuffed PotatoesLeftovers???? No, let's try Make Overs!!!! These yummy French inspired Stuffed Potatoes are delicious and are great for using up that Christmas Ham and of course, any potatoes you may have. Using Mrs Rogers French Herbs (, this easy meal solution is a great one to take note of!
Colourful CauliflowerIt's always fun to find different ways to serve vegetables and this one is certainly interesting! Using several of Mrs Rogers fav herbs and spices, this dish will definitely add some colour to your plate.
Tomato SoupTomato Soup is ok.... but herb it up and it becomes fab! This Tomato Soup is perfect for a cold winters night... especially a Sunday with a fresh loaf of your favourite bread. This recipe uses several of Mrs Rogers classic herbs and the Mrs Rogers Chilli and Himalayan Salt.
Smashed PotatoesSmashed Potatoes are so much more with Mrs Rogers Garlic and Herb Salt and Parmesan Cheese. A perfect something different to go with any meal.
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