Mrs Rogers believes that adding wonderful taste & flavour to everyday meals is one of those small things that can make such a difference to family meal times.

Those simple recipes become special, just bursting with delicious natural taste experiences. Which is why all Mrs Rogers' products are packed in New Zealand from carefully selected, imported & local, Natural & Certified Organic ingredients to bring the fresh, original flavours of delicious herbs, spices and baking products to your meals.

Mrs Rogers makes your food taste better, naturally.

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Explore our tasty recipes that incorporate delicious and imaginative combinations of herbs, spices, seasonings and baking products.

If you have a favourite recipe that you would like to share with us, send it in and we'd love to feature it here on our web site.

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Mrs Roger's Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions.

You can now shop with us while living the zero waste lifestyle! The majority of our products are now available in Home Compostable* or eco-friendly packaging, and they're available throughout New Zealand.

This is only the beginning too; we will be releasing more products that are packaged this way soon enough - so stay tuned to see what's next!

* Home compostable refers to a package made from materials which can break down under home composting conditions.

Where to Buy

You will find a selection of quality Mrs Rogers products at New World, PAK`nSAVE, Countdown, Four Square, FreshChoice, SuperValue, Nosh and selected independent retailers of fine foods nationwide.

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0800 661 885