Our New Packs are Home Compostable

Our New Packs are Home Compostable!

Our new packs are HOME COMPOSTABLE!

A selection of our products are now packaged in HOME COMPOSTABLE packaging* and are being released throughout New Zealand! This is just the start.

The bag is made from HOME COMPOSTABLE films that are certified to European Standards; "OK COMPOST HOME"

The bag majority is plant based; films from sustainably sourced wood pulp and GM-Free corn sources.

A biodegradable and reusable wooden clip replaces the zip-lock.

And the barrier qualities of our new film lock in flavour and aroma.

We are as committed to sustainability as we are to getting our herbs and spices to you in the perfect condition - to make your meals taste better, naturally.

* Made of home compostable films. When composting at home ensure there is an environment with heat, moisture, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms.

Our new packs are Home Compostable! This is just the start...

Our new packs are Home Compostable! This is just the start...

We are a small family owned NZ company, keeping it local where possible, packing all our spices in NZ for New Zealanders.

We know the packaging you may have in your hands is different to what you are used to, but thank-you for giving it a try! We appreciate that our valued customers (you!) are taking efforts to reduce packaging waste, and we can assure you we are making efforts to do the same.

We have plenty more to announce soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page, and Instagram account!