Meet Mrs Rogers' Home Compostable range.

Just a quick update - our Recyclable and Reusable Clips we provide are temporarily unavailable. We know how much you love these handy little helpers to keep your spices fresh, and hopefully you have some handy. However, we're on it and will have them back as soon as possible! Stay tuned for updates and thanks for your patience.

You can now do more to live a zero waste lifestyle - the majority of our products are now available in Home Compostable* or eco-friendly packaging!

It's only the beginning; we will be releasing more products that are packaged this way soon enough—so stay tuned to see what is next!

* Home compostable refers to a package made from materials which can break down under home composting conditions.

The majority of our products are now available in HOME COMPOSTABLE packaging*! This new package is made from plant-based materials and can be broken down by household composters.

While it's still difficult for us produce all our product without using plastic, as consumers demand more sustainable alternatives we will continue working on making this happen. Stay tuned on Facebook for more updates about where you'll find the NEW home compostable packages soon!

Mrs Rogers focuses on the most responsible way to package our products and protect the environment.

😍 Herbs and spices have intense flavour compounds. We work hard to find quality ingredients, blend them in small batches, and grind them ourselves so the flavor is the best it can be.
🔥 Our bags are heat sealed to reduce the amount of oxygen flow. We don't use folded paper liners as they cannot be heat sealed.
🌳 Mrs Rogers' bags are not made of plastic. They are made of several home compostable films that work together to form a barrier that minimises moisture and oxygen transfer.
🌿 When composted, the materials are broken down and nothing is left. There is no energy or emissions required to recycle them.
♻️ We also print with soy-based ink and use unbleached cardboard. This means that the box remains free from smell contaminants which could affect its recyclability.
❤️ We recognise we can always do more, but we hope you feel confident shopping with Mrs Rogers, knowing that we are taking steps to protect the environment.
Why produce products products that have environmentally friendly packaging?

Mrs Rogers Home Compostable packaging is working to meet the requirements for compostable packaging set by NZ Packaging Forum Industry Group. This means that when you're shopping with Mrs Rogers, you can shop with confidence knowing that we're doing what we can to protect the environment.

What's eco-friendly about Mrs Rogers eco-packaging?

Biodegradable: Our eco packaging is made from plants, not plastic, so it will biodegrade in your home compost bin. Unlike oil based plastics, our eco-friendly home compostable packaging doesn't require the use of non-renewable resources.

Compostable: The eco-container and eco-labels are certified to meet the new NZ Packaging Standards for "Home Compostable" - so you can now compost your food waste with all of your other organic material at home. Not only that, but we designed our eco-packaging to replace a number of our existing plastic products (like single use soft-plastics), which means you're using less plastic overall when shopping with us (win!).

Sustainable: The eco-packaging is made from plants, so, unlike oil based plastics, it doesn't require the use of non-renewable resources.

If you're looking for ways to reduce waste at home, our eco packaging, you can now make eco-friendly choices when shopping with us.

To check out our full ECO range, head over to the product pages on You'll find everything you need - all made here in New Zealand!

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Let's now have a chat about Home Composting! Why is it so good?

1. It is the most eco-friendly way of dealing with food waste.
2. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
3. Reducing our reliance on landfills.
4. Saving money.
5. Cleaning up communities.

How to be part of the Home Composting Community.
Let's start with 5 reasons why home composting is good.

1. It is the most eco-friendly way of dealing with food waste: Our landfill sites are filling up and we need to reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfills, as well as reducing general waste.

2. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Harmful gasses like Methane can be released from decomposing organic matter when it ends up in landfills, this also creates C02 (Carbon Dioxide) which contributes to global warming.

3. Reducing our reliance on landfills: If we can reduce our food waste then we would have less rubbish going to (and coming out of) landfills. It has been found that when people start composting at home, they are more eco-conscious about their use of disposable items such as cups and plates.

4. Saving money: Home composting reduces the cost associated with disposables, which means you'll save money over time - not only that but soil created from home compost can also be used in your garden or on the farm to fertilise crops .

5. Cleaning up communities: If householders can compost at home the amount of waste will decrease, this coupled with eco-packaging products being readily available throughout New Zealand means we won't have to rely on plastics (which are harmful for the environment) and food packaging like single use plastic bags which are not eco-friendly.

What makes Mrs Rogers Eco-Friendly and Home Compostable Packaging so special?

  • Mrs Rogers eco-friendly bag is made from layers of Home Compostable films* that are individually certified to European Standards.
  • The bag majority is plant based; films from sustainably sourced wood pulp and GM-Free corn sources.
  • A biodegradable and reusable wooden clip replaces the zip-lock.
  • The barrier qualities of our new film lock in flavour and aroma.

We are as committed to sustainability as we are to getting our herbs and spices to you in the perfect condition - to make your meals taste better, naturally.

* Made of home compostable films. When composting at home ensure there is an environment with heat, moisture, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms.

Home Compostable Packaging