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No Bake Ginger Chocolate TartJust because you’re in the kitchen, doesn’t mean things need to get hot…just a little bit spicy . This No Bake Ginger Chocolate Tart is a great recipe to make with the kids these school holidays, or just whenever.
Mussel PotA traditional Kiwi fav for the family table. Who remembers having a Mussel Pot on the table for lunch?
Vegan Fig and Mushroom PizzaDon’t bag it until you’ve tried it! Believe it or not, cheese is not always required and when you have flavours like this Fig and Mushroom Pizza, you just won’t need it!
Curry CheeseballA good favourite Kiwi nibble is a Curry Cheeseball made with Mrs Rogers Organic Curry Powder of course!
Pineapple PunchLooking for a cocktail that’s just a little different? This is it. Look no further! Using Mrs Rogers Coriander Seeds and Chilli Flakes combined with gin, pineapple juice and gingerbeer, you’ll be wanting more than one!
Pipi FrittersWe all have fond memories of family and friends, and many times these are #foodmemories. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where food is created for those we love. This is one of those wonderful food memories we are sharing with you.
Homemade HummusThis recipe is so easy to make that it even surprised us! There is really no reason why you can't always have Homemade Hommus in your fridge, ready to go! And the fantastic thing is that you can flavour it however you want.
Ham and Spinach DipThis warm Ham and Spinach Dip is the perfect nibble to start any celebration. It also makes a really yummy lunch! Serve with vegetable sticks or crunchy crispbreads, this one is guaranteed to not last very long. Mrs Rogers Italian Herbs (http://bit.ly/mrsrogers_italianherbs) add just enough flavour to enhance the spinach and cheese.
Lentil and Mushroom PâtéThis Lentil and Mushroom Pâté is a great spread for New Years because Italian tradition is to eat flat lentils for wealth and prosperity as they resemble coins! And using the classic flavours of Mrs Rogers Rosemary (http://bit.ly/mrsrogers_rosemary), everyone will be impressed!
Salt DoughThis is such an easy and fun activity to do with the kids. Get them creating and making homemade Christmas decorations with this simple Salt Dough recipe. Using Mrs Rogers Sea Salt Premium Fine (http://bit.ly/mrsrogers_seasaltfine1kg), you can create a beautiful decoration right in your home.
Candy Gingerbread NutsTry these easy to make nuts as they punch a lot of flavour and compliment any cheeseboard.