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Shepherds pieWhen it comes to comfort food, Shepherds pie is the dish. It was invented in England and has become a staple of the Kiwi family dinner table! This hearty meal combines mince lamb with vegetables together into one delicious crust of mashed potatoes.
Pressure Cooked Moroccan LambThis Pressure Cooked Moroccan Lamb seems to be a very fancy meal but secretly, it’s actually using all the vegetables that are going floppy in the fridge but are too good to throw away.
Lamb ChopsNothing says spring like lamb and this is the easiest recipe! These Lamb Chops are quick, tasty and perfect to celebrate the start of spring.
Shailesh’s Lamb CurryCooking Secrets of FIVE-STAR Fijian Resort, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort! Behind the scenes at FIVE STAR Fijian Resort, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Join Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort Executive Chef Shailesh Naiduus, as we teach you how to make the most incredible Fijian cuisine (not just Fijian food, Fijian CUISINE!) - that you can make at home with Mrs Rogers Herbs and Spices.
Hearty Irish StewWelcome to the Mrs Rogers Test Kitchen - it’s Hearty Irish Stew time!
Slow Cooker HangiThis Slow Cooker Hangi recipe is perfect to create this special meal using the new Mrs Rogers Kiwi Roast Blend.
Spiced BBQ Lamb RibsWhy not try Spiced BBQ Lamb Ribs using Mrs Rogers ground Cumin and Bittersweet Smoked Paprika.