Organic Parsley

Organic Parsley

Organic Parsley

Available in 8g Organic Eco Pack

Suggested Uses

    Parsley is commonly used in Middle Eastern, European and American dishes.
    – Use in soups and stews to add a fresh flavour.
    – Stir through pasta for flecks of vibrant colour and flavour.
    – Parsley is widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine, and is a key ingredient in Tabbouleh.
    – Add near the end of cooking or use as a garnish.
    – Add to mashed potato.
    – Lightly sprinkle over salads.

    The Variety

    Parsley is the dried leaves of Petroselinum crispum.
    It is native to the central Mediterranean region.

    Certified organic by BioGro NZ, for your assurance of quality and purity.

    For Your Appreciation

    Parsley as a word is derived from two Greek words: “petrose,” meaning rock, since it so often pops through rocky terrain and stone walls; and “selenium,” an ancient name for celery. So literally, parsley means “rock celery.”
    Parsley is a basic garden herb that adds a fresh flavour many dishes and depth to soups and stews.