Mrs Rogers BBQ Rub Steakhouse BBQ

Available in
100g container

The Texas style Steakhouse Barbecue Rub has a rich garlic, cumin and black pepper to round out this bold blend of herbs and spices, for the perfect BBQ steak.

Suggested Uses

Sprinkle liberally over lightly oiled steak before searing on a hot BBQ grill plate. Robust flavour perfect on beef cuts, as well as game meats, pork, even chicken and BBQ vegetables for a char-grill vegetables salad.

The Variety

Ingredients: Herbs and Spices (onion, garlic (8%), paprika, smoked paprika, cumin (5%), black pepper (5%), coriander seeds, fennel, ginger, annatto, mustard, cayenne pepper), Himalayan Pink Salt, Raw Sugar


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