French Herbs

Available in
10g ECO Pack

An authentic blend of aromatic French herbs.

Suggested Uses

◾Perfect in stews, casseroles & soups,
◾Add near end of cooking to retain the herb flavours

These herbs are used in a wide variety of dishes including stews, bakes, soups and salads

Or simply rubbed over fish, chicken or meat before grilling.


The Variety

Delicious herb flavours, made in New Zealand to my own recipe, using quality herbs, my take on Herbes de Provence inspired traditional French home cooking.
A delicious combination of  Parsley, Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano, Herbs, Onion.

For Your Appreciation

Inspired by a regional cuisine centred around natural flavours from fresh local produce. Simple and homely, the way meals should be.


I want all New Zealanders to discover the natural, healthy way to add taste and flavour to food.

- Mrs. Rogers -