Salt & Pepper

Available in
71g Small Glass Grinder

Bold, pungent flavour with distinctive heat. The king of spices, combined with natural sea salt for a balanced seasoning.

Suggested Uses

A combination of the most popular seasonings used to enhance the flavour of every savoury meal.

It adds exotic flavour and aroma to almost any dish.

Use to replace separate salt and pepper grinders, especially practical in a camping kit to save space, or in the pantry of every bach or caravan.

Avoid use over steam to avoid clogging and prolong the life of the product. I recommend grinding into the lid while closed then sprinkle into your dish.

The Variety

The cured, unripe berries of a  flowering tropical vine, Piper nigrum, native to South India and widely cultivated throughout the tropics. Combined with 100% natural sea salt. Evaporated by the natural process of sun and wind, then crushed, washed and dried.

For Your Appreciation

A full, natural, clean sea salt flavour, combined with the bold punch of black pepper.

Salt is an essential ingredient all  types of foods as it is a natural flavour enhancer.  Pepper is the king of spices, with a deep history and once traded as a currency, and the most popular spice, used as a seasoning worldwide.


I want all New Zealanders to discover the natural, healthy way to add taste and flavour to food.

- Mrs. Rogers -