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Sage is a very aromatic herb with a slight peppery flavour, used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Suggested Uses
  • Use to season chicken, sausages, meat loaf & meat balls.

In Kiwi cuisine, it is most commonly used for stuffing poultry.

  • Add to gravies, casseroles and soups.

Adds warm herbaceous flavour to eggplant, tomatoes & other vegetables.

In western cooking, use for flavouring fatty meats.

Also very common in Italian cooking, especially in fish dishes.

Add mid way through cooking to retain flavour.

The Variety

The dried leaves of Salvia officinalis, Sage is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean, with a long history of culinary and medicinal use.

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For Your Appreciation

Sage has a warm herbaceuos flavour, usually combined with other herbs it is popular in many cuisines worldwide.

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