Lemon Pepper – Salt Free

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Bold and punchy black pepper combined with zingy lemon. Perfect on fish and chicken.

Suggested Uses
As this is a salt free blend, I suggest seasoning with salt to taste at the end of cooking.

Apply liberally on fresh fish and seafood before pan frying.

Lemon pepper pairs well with cream based pasta sauces as well as chicken, or sprinkle onto vegetables for an extra boost of flavour.

The Variety

My Salt Free Lemon Pepper is hand blended in New Zealand from quality, globally sourced ingredients.

For Your Appreciation

I have designed my Lemon Pepper to be salt free, meaning it is not only better for you, but you also get to appreciate the bold pepper flavours and zesty lemon, rather than the saltiness of traditional lemon peppers.


I want all New Zealanders to discover the natural, healthy way to add taste and flavour to food.

- Mrs. Rogers -