Juniper Berries

Available in
20g ECO Pack

The aromatic berries were historically used to flavour Gin, and used in a variety of European cuisines.

Suggested Uses

  • Often used when curing your favourite smoked meats & for flavouring sauerkraut and sauces.
  • Crush before using to release the full flavour.
  • A key flavour in Gin.
  • Juniper Berries are excellent when used for marinating wild game, high fat poultry, roast pork or beef.
  • Crush before adding to casseroles, soups & stews.

The Variety

Juniper Berries are the mature berry-like female seed cone from the conifer tree Juniperus communis.

For Your Appreciation

Dark purple and fleshy with a piny, resinous bittersweet flavour, Juniper Berries are commonly used in Eastern European dishes, combining with fatty meats, in particular rich game meats, as well as vegetables.



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