Garlic & Italian Herb Crusting Crumb

Available in
170g Re-sealable Bag

All natural traditional style breadcrumbs combined with rich garlic & aromatic Italian Herbs.

Suggested Uses
Perfect for homemade chicken nuggets & crispy schnitzel. Sprinkle over shepherds pie and bake for a crispy topping. Delicious on lamb rack. Mix with olive oil and toast in oven until crisp and crumble over salads & veges.

The Variety

Made in New Zealand, blended with my own mix of Italian herbs

For Your Appreciation

A delicious crunchy crumb coating, perfect for meat, fish & seafood, as well as schnitzel & vegetables and is fantastic for stuffing.
All natural ingredients, free from preservatives and synthetic raising agents.

I want all New Zealanders to discover the natural, healthy way to add taste and flavour to food.

- Mrs. Rogers -