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Fresh sun-dried tips
The aromatic, fernlike, leaves are an essential ingredient in Scandinavian cookery.

Suggested Uses

It has a distinctive taste that complements fish and gives zest to cream cheese and white sauces.

Add flavour to yoghurt dips, coleslaws, vegetable dishes & salad.

◾Try as part of vinegar-based dressings and pickles.

◾Always add at the last moment of cooking. Comes into its own as a garnish.

The Variety

The herb Dill is the leaf of Anethum graveolens, in the same family as carrot, coriander, celery, caraway & parsley. Widely used in Europe and Central Asia.

For Your Appreciation

Widely used in Scandinavian cuisine and commonly associated with salmon, Dill imparts a wonderful delicate flavour and adds colour.


I want all New Zealanders to discover the natural, healthy way to add taste and flavour to food.

- Mrs. Rogers -