Pea and Ham SoupBy adminTraditional Pea and Ham soup is nice, but why not warm things up a little more by adding a little more flavour. Using Mrs Rogers Allspice and Thyme, this soup will certainly disappear fast.
Pear and Cinnamon Gluten Free LoafBy adminYou don’t have to be gluten free to try this recipe. It is the perfect replacement for a tea cake. Just imagine serving this slice warm with butter along with a cup of tea. What a yummy afternoon treat.
Slow Cooker French Style ChickenBy adminBon appétit mes amis with this amazing Slow Cooker French Style Chicken. It is really one of those hearty winter recipes that you can start in the morning before facing the cold and only have a few thing to finish over when you get home.
Cinnamon, Pear and Dark Chocolate Bowl CakeBy adminAre you sick of cereal and toast for breakfast? Well, get on the European trend of a Bowl Cake for breakfast. There is no reason not to try this recipe at least once as it is a quick breakfast for one and using Mrs Rogers Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, you know it’s going to be good.
Pipi ChowderBy adminSoup is always a warming on a cold day and a chowder is just that little bit heartier. This Pipi Chowder is complimented by the flavours of Mrs Rogers Curry Powder and Parsley, just like Gran makes it.
Pipi FrittersBy adminWe all have fond memories of family and friends, and many times these are #foodmemories. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where food is created for those we love. This is one of those wonderful food memories we are sharing with you.
Herbed Crusted Cheese LogBy adminNeed a really quick nibble to serve? This Cheese Log will not only satisfy your guest but also have them asking where you bought it from! And of course, the wonderful flavours of Mrs Rogers Ras El Hanout and Oregano add that extra flavour pop.
Fried RavioliBy adminThis fried ravioli is a unique twist for a great winter nibble. Using Mrs Rogers Garlic and Italian Herb Crusting Crumbs, everyone will think that you have made these from scratch…but don’t tell them your secret! And of course the marinara sauce is wonderfully tasty so hope for some leftovers.
Easy Chicken and Turmeric SoupBy adminIt’s cold, wet and windy and all you feel like is a warm pot of soup on the stove…or fireplace….or to keep in your slow cooker. Well…look no further. We have saved you from having a cold tummy and added that little bit extra for if you are feeling under the weather. Mrs Rogers Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and Turmeric are here to create the most tastiest soup, just for you and your family.