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Ginger Leftover Lemon-Skin SyrupIt's time to stop throwing away your lemon skins once you have squeezed the juice. Why? Because you can easily upcycle the skin to make the yummiest Ginger Leftover Lemon-Skin Syrup that keeps in the fridge and can add so much flavour to a lot of dishes.
Leftover Cereal-LogsThere always seems to be just a little but of cereal left in every packet that no-body wants, but instead of throwing it out, upcycle it into a yummy snack for everyone to enjoy. This recipe for Leftover Cereal-Logs allows you to use up any bits and pieces you may have. You could even add dried fruit, nuts or coconut.
Spiced Nut BrittleHere’s an idea! Freak the kids out by showing them just how sweet treats were made in the ‘olden days’. This Spiced Nut Brittle is perfect for everyone to enjoy and add whatever nuts you have!
Ruby Chocolate BarkNeed something a little special as a gift this year? Why not try this Ruby Chocolate Bark. Ruby chocolate has the most distinct flavour and paring it with Mrs Rogers Pink Peppercorns is certainly a wonderful flavour explosion.
Orange and Thyme MarmaladeThis wonderful Orange and Thyme Marmalade recipe makes just one jar. So there’s no need to go through the preserving process because one jar will go really quickly!