Poppy Seeds

Available in
40g ECO Pack

Poppy seeds can be used to give a distinctive flavour, are highly nutritious and less allergenic than other seeds and nuts.

Suggested Uses

Most commonly spotted on top of bread rolls.
Use as fillings in Hungarian cakes, on pastries, bread, buns & rolls.
Add to tuna & macaroni salads.

In Indian cuisine, poppy seeds are added for thickness and texture and are commonly used in korma curry.

The Variety

Poppy Seeds are an oil seed of Papaver somniferum, the only poppy variety with edible seeds. Used in cuisines from around the world, the tiny seeds have been harvested for thousands of years for culinary use, medicine and even for ‘magical powers’

For Your Appreciation

Poppy seeds have a distinctive sweet and nutty flavour and are popular in European cooking and baking. Used on top of breads and ground as a filling in cakes and baking.



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