Low Sodium Salt Mix

Mrs Rogers Low Sodium Salt - Canister

Low Sodium Salt Mix

Low Sodium Salt Mix

Available in 290g Canister

Suggested Uses

    My Low Sodium Salt mix is a carefully balanced blend of Sea Salt & natural mineral salts, giving a rich salty taste experience, similar to table salt or sea salt but with 66% less sodium than table salt.  In addition, the natural mineral content also contributes to a healthy diet.

    The Variety

    My Low Sodium Salt Mix is specially formulated, blended & packed in New Zealand. Containing:
    Sea Salt (49%), Mineral Salts (46%) (Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride), Ammonium Chloride,  Anti-caking Agent (551)

    For Your Appreciation

    Sodium occurs naturally in most foods, so it is usually best to keep any added sodium in your diet to a minimum, as excessive amounts can lead to high blood pressure & cardiovascular disease, which increases the risk of heart attacks & stroke.

    Additional Information

    Health Benefits
    • However excessive sodium intake is a big issue in our modern diet
    • Sodium is an element that is necessary for the body to function properly. Sodium is used to control blood pressure and is also needed for your muscular & nervous systems.
    • Using my Low Sodium Salt Mix is a sensible way to reduce your daily sodium intake, without reducing flavour, and will have you on your way to a healthier diet.
    For Your Convenience
    • A bulk option for your favourite seasonings.
      The convenient rigid canister with variable lid to spoon or sprinkle, great for seasoning at the table or enhancing any dish.

      For best results:
      Sprinkle the salt only your hand through the large hole then add to the dish – sprinkling over a cooking dish or steam will cause the salt to clump a little which means you need to shake harder to dislodge.

      If the salt does clump up, close the lid & shake vigorously with two hands on the canister and your thumbs on the lid to keep it from moving. This will allow you to pour more easily.

      If you use the salt at the table to season your dish, give it a good shake as above before putting on the table, then it should only require a gentle shake over your meal to season.

    Available In...
    • 290g Canister