Thank you for your email. Both the Sea Salt & Organic Sea Salt are harvested at the top of the South Island. Salt cannot be “organically grown” but the certification refers to the collection and processing of the salt.

The Salt water must be from a location with no risk of pollution, without purifying the salt, must not include any additives & fulfil the high standards of chemical analysis. The salt is harvested, cleaned and dried naturally. This means the salt maintains more natural minerals & its natural beige colour. This also means that it has a higher natural moisture content and therefore less suited to use in salt mills as it tends to clog.

Our Sea Salt is also a natural product, harvested in the same location, but goes through a sterilisation and cleaning process to get rid of impurities. Although this reduces the mineral content, it also results in a white salt crystal with very little moisture making it suitable for salt mills.

Organic salt is better for you as you use less product to get the desired taste. It is well suited to cooking and adds traces of natural minerals.

Ideally you would use our Organics Sea Salt for cooking and our Naturals Sea Salt in your salt mill for use as a garnish.

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