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  • I’ve found a recipe online that requires cracked rosemary. I see some of the rosemary in the supermarket is called rubbed. I’m not sure what is the difference, if there is any. Can you tell me whether your rosemary is cracked?
I can only assume you have a recipe from Europe or USA? In overseas markets, rosemary is dried whole so it is available in dried needle like leaves around 2cm long. Cracked refers to a method of obtaining shorter particles around 5mm which is the standard here in New Zealand.

So rosemary is generally sold as whole leaves, cracked or ground (powder). If a recipe asks for cracked, I would recommend using standard rosemary available in any supermarket (such as Mrs Rogers Eco Pack), the leaves are quite dry so if you would like smaller particles as a personal preference, they should grind easily in a mortar & pestle or coffee / spice grinder.

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