You can use Himalayan Salt as a tonic (often called ‘Sole’ – pronounced solay) simply by making a concentrated solution of salt & water. Sole is said to unleash the natural minerals & energy stored in the crystal salt, to help replenish the bodies minerals, detoxify blood of heavy metals & feed cells to help your immune system.

Concentrated Sole is easy to make:

  • Simply fill half a jar with Himalayan Salt & top up with water. The salt will dissolve to a point where the water cannot take on any more salt, if all the salt dissolves, add more until crystals remain un-dissolved in the jar.
  • Shake the jar well before use, use 1tsp of concentrated solution in a glass of water and drink every morning, 15 minutes before eating to ensure it is metabolised.
  • When getting low, top up your concentrated solution with more water & add more salt when crystals disappear.

Excessive sodium intake is an issue in our modern diet, I recommend researching sole fully before trying and always use any salt in moderation.

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