Banana Skin BreadBy adminBanana skins are not a common ingredient in cooking but they add an amazing amount of flavour and fibre, great for big and little tummies. This Banana Skin Bread will have everyone coming back for more and they won’t even know there are banana skins in it…until you tell them.
Herbed Beer BreadBy adminNeed something a little extra to bulk out your meal? Look no further than this yummy Herbed Beer Bread. It’s really easy to make, tastes great and is finished in less than 1 hour.
Mum’s Best Savoury SconesBy adminWant to make scones just like Mum, or Grandma, does? Look no further. Mum’s Best Savoury Scones are perfect for a quick lunch or as a side to your favourite soup.
Gingerbread PeopleBy adminNothing says Christmas time than a good batch of Gingerbread People! Mrs Rogers Ginger and Mixed Spice provides all the flavour and have fun decorating them with the kids using Mrs Rogers Sprinkles.
Kids in the Kitchen – Cinnamon Cup CakesBy adminTeach the kids to change recipes easily by simply making their own cinnamon sugar. Whether it’s a packet mix or made from scratch, learning how to adjust just one little step can give them so much more confidence.
Christmas in Sweden – Saffron BunsBy adminLucia was a kind girl who took food to people hiding in the catacombs because of their faith. Lucy means light which is very fitting as she wore candles on her head so she could carry more food. This sweet treat is in memory of her kindness and is celebrated mid December leading up to the arrival of Christmas Day.
Christmas in Italy – PanettoneBy adminOne origin story of Panettone, is that of a nobleman who discussed himself as a Baker so that he could win the love of the daughter of a poor Baker. He invented the Panettone by adding eggs, butter, dried fruit and peel to a basic bread recipe, which turned it into a pudding for all to enjoy. Needless to say, he impressed the Baker and was able to marry his love.
Pear and Cinnamon Gluten Free LoafBy adminYou don’t have to be gluten free to try this recipe. It is the perfect replacement for a tea cake. Just imagine serving this slice warm with butter along with a cup of tea. What a yummy afternoon treat.
MRS ROGERS NUTMEG LOVE CAKEBy adminWendy’s love of cooking started when she used to cook as a little girl, standing on a chair, in her late Nana’s kitchen. Her Nana taught her how to look and see what you have in your pantry and fridge, and then cook a most magnificent meal. And she has continued this love with her own adult children who love to cook. She has over 500 cookbooks that she uses for inspiration and her greatest love is to cook for family and friends and to see the enjoyment on their faces. She says “My favourite meal is one I created. I had visited a farmers market and brought a savoury crepe. I thought ‘I’m going give this a try at home’ and the result ended up to be my favourite meal. A buckwheat crepe with roasted pumpkin, caramelised onions with thyme, baby spinach out of my veggie garden, walnuts, blue cheese....the result is divine.“ Wendy created this recipe as it’s a one-bowl-miracle that all her friends and family keep asking her to make. Wendy has been told several times that she should open a cafe or at least try out for Masterchef.