Kirsty Slater
My Recipes
Christmas GranolaBy Kirsty SlaterHomemade Granola is super easy to make and really great for using the things you like and leaving out the things you don't!
Candy Gingerbread NutsBy Kirsty SlaterTry these easy to make nuts as they punch a lot of flavour and compliment any cheeseboard. 
Spiced PearsBy Kirsty SlaterPoached Pears with a Buttery Sauce....yes please!
Spiced Lolly CakeBy Kirsty SlaterMrs Rogers Ginger just makes this super yummy classic Kiwi fav just that little bit more special. 
Surimi CakesBy Kirsty SlaterThese Surimi Cakes taste just like crab cakes but are a lot cheaper to make! You can make them bite sized as a party nibble or make them palm-sized for a hearty dinner.
Spiced Soy CandleBy Kirsty SlaterWhy not get a bit crafty and have a go at making your own Spiced Soy Candles!
Satay MeatballsBy Kirsty SlaterTry this super easy take on Satay Meatballs using sausages.
Colourful CauliflowerBy Kirsty SlaterIt's always fun to find different ways to serve vegetables and this one is certainly interesting! Using several of Mrs Rogers fav herbs and spices, this dish will definitely add some colour to your plate.
Turmeric PancakesBy Kirsty SlaterWhy don't you make these yummy little bit sized treats while you sit and put your feet up after the short week? Top these with whatever you like!
Turmeric MeringuesBy Kirsty SlaterMeringues are such an easy dessert to make and you can add cocoa powder, coffee and mint as flavours...but how about adding a little Mrs Rogers Turmeric!
Thai Peanut Butter TrufflesBy Kirsty SlaterNot only are these Thai Peanut Butter Truffles are treat, they have a little spicy trick as well! 
Chilli Chocolate Bacon FudgeBy Kirsty SlaterWHAT!!!!! NO..........but yeah. It actually tastes good!!! Chilli Chocolate Bacon Fudge is such an unusual combination that it just works. 
Crunchy Chicken StripsBy Kirsty SlaterIt's always good to have options, and these low carb (but higher fat) Crunchy Chicken Strips are something everyone in the family can eat.
Spiced Hot Water Chocolate CakeBy Kirsty SlaterWhy not make this extremely AWESOME Spiced Hot Water Chocolate Cake that is so moist and delish that there won't be any left for tomorrow. 
Pulled Pork Loaded FriesBy Kirsty SlaterPulled pork is an amazing filler for burgers, but why not try it on our Loaded Fries recipe. 
Easy Pizza ScrollBy Kirsty SlaterTry some differently flavoured salami in this really easy Pizza Scroll recipe.
Rosemary and Thyme Polenta ChipsBy Kirsty SlaterPolenta chips are a really different way to serve polenta, and using Mrs Rogers Rosemary and Thyme, they couldn't get any better!