Banana Skin Creamy RiceBy adminBelieve it or not, using banana skins in this Banana Skin Creamy Rice recipe makes it taste and look exactly like caramel. Try it, it’s really good.
Banana Skin BreadBy adminBanana skins are not a common ingredient in cooking but they add an amazing amount of flavour and fibre, great for big and little tummies. This Banana Skin Bread will have everyone coming back for more and they won’t even know there are banana skins in it…until you tell them.
Upcycled Black Tea Bag ChickenBy adminEach tea bag is around 2 grams of tea, which doesn’t seem a lot - but annually the average Kiwi throws away 1.2kg of tea, and yet each bag still is still usable for many things. Not only are many of the leading brands of tea bags compostable, but collecting up the used tea to be used in this unique chicken recipe means you are upcycling in a rather unique way. Upcycled Black Tea Bag Chicken is well worth the effort and of course, Mrs Rogers Organic Garlic and Herb Salt adds the finishing flavour.
Easy Upcycle Vege Stir Fry with Maple SyrupBy adminWhen preparing vegetables we tend to throw away at least 20% because, well, that’s what we’ve been taught to do. Try this Easy Upcycle Vege Stir Fry with Maple Syrup recipe and just see how much further your veges can go, you will be surprised at how much further your meals will go. Did you know that carrot tops, essentially the leaves, are totally edible and actually quite delicious? They taste faintly of carrot, and although they are slightly bitter with minor salt notes, there is no reason to throw them away at all.
The Whole Damn Pumpkin SoupBy adminPumpkin soup is an easy soup to make, but we tend to throw out a lot of the flavour and goodness in preparing the pumpkin for cooking. In this recipe the whole pumpkin is used (ok, except the stem), which adds more flavour and nutrients to what is already a favourite soup for many families. Try this Whole Damn Pumpkin Soup recipe and see what you think, we think you just may be surprised at your upcycle recipe efforts.
Chicken and Turmeric Banana Skin Noodle SoupBy adminSorry, Banana Skin Noodles are a thing now? 😯 OK, so right away this post is going to sound like we are being all high-and-mighty about food waste, and don't get us wrong, we are the first to admit we could do better in the kitchen - but it's all about making small steps. The term "upcycling" has been around for a while, but usually it has applied to transforming waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new products perceived to be of greater quality than the waste that it is seen as. Upcycling food however is something that we can really get behind! So, here we go - inspired by the great Nigella Lawson, we present to you BANANA SKIN NOODLE SOUP! You will be surprised at how using banana skins can be so tasty!
Ginger Leftover Lemon-Skin SyrupBy adminIt's time to stop throwing away your lemon skins once you have squeezed the juice. Why? Because you can easily upcycle the skin to make the yummiest Ginger Leftover Lemon-Skin Syrup that keeps in the fridge and can add so much flavour to a lot of dishes.
Carrot and Wombok TartBy adminDo you grow your own carrots, or been given some by a green-thumbed friend? Well don’t wonder what to do with the green tops, certainly don’t throw them away! Upcycle the whole carrot, green tops included into this YUMMY tart.
Leftover Cereal-LogsBy adminThere always seems to be just a little but of cereal left in every packet that no-body wants, but instead of throwing it out, upcycle it into a yummy snack for everyone to enjoy. This recipe for Leftover Cereal-Logs allows you to use up any bits and pieces you may have. You could even add dried fruit, nuts or coconut.
Easy Grilled ChickenBy adminEasy Grilled Chicken is one the whole family will love. The flavours are simple and you meal will be complete with a crisp salad.