Vegetable and Chicken Thai Noodle SoupBy adminQuick, easy, warming and yum, this Vegetable and Chicken Thai Noodle Soup uses our perfect Chicken Broth as its base. Take for lunch or have it as an easy dinner.
Piri Piri Roast ChickenBy adminLove a good roasted chicken? Well you need to try this recipe. This Piri Piri Roast Chicken will become a favourite and will make your food go a lot further as the other half of the chicken is used for other meals! Once devoured, use the bones to make a spicy chicken stock.
Chicken and Potato BakeBy adminWant and easy meal that can use the chicken meat and chicken broth we made earlier? This Chicken and Potato Bake is a good family meal and can use up some of those old vegetables by adding them to the layers.
Cinnamon Coffee ScrubBy adminDo your hands smell after preparing meals and you can’t get rid of it? Well, this scrub will not only keep your hands wonderfully soft but will also help to remove those smells while re-using something that you would have thrown away. Winning!
Pressure Cooked Moroccan LambBy adminThis Pressure Cooked Moroccan Lamb seems to be a very fancy meal but secretly, it’s actually using all the vegetables that are going floppy in the fridge but are too good to throw away.
Green RisottoBy adminEver find that spinach leaves go really floppy and then, what do you do with them? This Green Risotto is so yummy in flavour and really easy to make. It also uses up all those spinach leaves!
Upcycle Potato Skin ChipsBy adminDon’t throw away those potato peelings! Put them aside and make them into low fat chips. These Upcycle Potato Skin Chips are really crunchy, tasty and everyone will love them. Play around with the flavour by using different Mrs Rogers BBQ Rubs.
Watermelon Rind RelishBy adminYes it’s true! Use the watermelon rind to make a really sweet and spicy relish. This Watermelon Rind Relish will add flavour to any cheeseboard, wrap or as a chutney with chicken and the best thing is, it’s using a part that we normally throw away.
Upcycle Spicy Pumpkin SeedsBy adminSTOP! Don’t throw away those pumpkin seeds. Toast them up and cover them in flavour to make Upcycle Spicy Pumpkin Seeds. Perfect to add to a cheeseboard, for on top of steamed vegetables or just to have as a great snack.
Banana Skin Creamy RiceBy adminBelieve it or not, using banana skins in this Banana Skin Creamy Rice recipe makes it taste and look exactly like caramel. Try it, it’s really good.