Chicken Tinfoil DinnerBy adminThe best thing about this dinner, other than the flavours you’ve created, is the fact that you can make them up in advance or tailor them to what each individual family member will eat! So there’s no food waste. That’s a winning recipe right there.
Beef LasagneBy adminLasagne is one of those meals that everyone loves. Whether you make it for your family, to take to a sick friend or just to cut up and freeze for your lunches, it’s always good to have the basic traditional recipe handy!
Orange and Thyme MarmaladeBy adminThis wonderful Orange and Thyme Marmalade recipe makes just one jar. So there’s no need to go through the preserving process because one jar will go really quickly!
Cinnamon Cannoli Crackers with Ricotta Toffee DipBy adminLove Cannoli but can’t be bother with all the rolling and frying? Well, this is the recipe for you! Using Mrs Rogers Organic Ground Cinnamon, these are flavour explosions waiting to happen….you won’t have any left!
Christmas in Sweden – Saffron BunsBy adminLucia was a kind girl who took food to people hiding in the catacombs because of their faith. Lucy means light which is very fitting as she wore candles on her head so she could carry more food. This sweet treat is in memory of her kindness and is celebrated mid December leading up to the arrival of Christmas Day.
Christmas in Italy – PanettoneBy adminOne origin story of Panettone, is that of a nobleman who discussed himself as a Baker so that he could win the love of the daughter of a poor Baker. He invented the Panettone by adding eggs, butter, dried fruit and peel to a basic bread recipe, which turned it into a pudding for all to enjoy. Needless to say, he impressed the Baker and was able to marry his love.
Christmas in Germany – Christmas DuckBy adminIn Germany for Christmas, Roasted Goose is a very common dish that is served. So if you can find a goose, use it. However, duck is a lot more common in our neck of the world so why not use this German twist and give your dinner table a tasty mid-winter Christmas treat.
Smoked Eel Vol au VentsBy adminKūčios is the name of the traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner and is held on the night of December 24th. Christmas time is about family so the meal prep takes a good week as it is a collection of 12 different dishes. Meat is not served but fish is….so try making these tasty smoked eel vol au vents!