Christmas in Germany – Christmas DuckBy adminIn Germany for Christmas, Roasted Goose is a very common dish that is served. So if you can find a goose, use it. However, duck is a lot more common in our neck of the world so why not use this German twist and give your dinner table a tasty mid-winter Christmas treat.
Smoked Eel Vol au VentsBy adminKūčios is the name of the traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner and is held on the night of December 24th. Christmas time is about family so the meal prep takes a good week as it is a collection of 12 different dishes. Meat is not served but fish is….so try making these tasty smoked eel vol au vents!
Southern Style ChickenBy adminDuring the 1970’s Japan didn’t have a specific Christmas tradition however a popular fried chicken fast food conducted an amazing marketing plan to encourage Japan to purchase their product to celebrate Christmas. And the tradition still survives so much so that most people have to prebook their chicken so as not to miss out. Luckily for us, we have Mrs Roger’s Southern Style Chicken Coating so that we will never miss out!
Pea and Ham SoupBy adminTraditional Pea and Ham soup is nice, but why not warm things up a little more by adding a little more flavour. Using Mrs Rogers Allspice and Thyme, this soup will certainly disappear fast.
Pear and Cinnamon Gluten Free LoafBy adminYou don’t have to be gluten free to try this recipe. It is the perfect replacement for a tea cake. Just imagine serving this slice warm with butter along with a cup of tea. What a yummy afternoon treat.
Slow Cooker French Style ChickenBy adminBon appétit mes amis with this amazing Slow Cooker French Style Chicken. It is really one of those hearty winter recipes that you can start in the morning before facing the cold and only have a few thing to finish over when you get home.
Cinnamon, Pear and Dark Chocolate Bowl CakeBy adminAre you sick of cereal and toast for breakfast? Well, get on the European trend of a Bowl Cake for breakfast. There is no reason not to try this recipe at least once as it is a quick breakfast for one and using Mrs Rogers Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, you know it’s going to be good.
Pipi ChowderBy adminSoup is always a warming on a cold day and a chowder is just that little bit heartier. This Pipi Chowder is complimented by the flavours of Mrs Rogers Curry Powder and Parsley, just like Gran makes it.