Herbed Crusted Cheese LogBy adminNeed a really quick nibble to serve? This Cheese Log will not only satisfy your guest but also have them asking where you bought it from! And of course, the wonderful flavours of Mrs Rogers Ras El Hanout and Oregano add that extra flavour pop.
Fried RavioliBy adminThis fried ravioli is a unique twist for a great winter nibble. Using Mrs Rogers Garlic and Italian Herb Crusting Crumbs, everyone will think that you have made these from scratch…but don’t tell them your secret! And of course the marinara sauce is wonderfully tasty so hope for some leftovers.
Easy Chicken and Turmeric SoupBy adminIt’s cold, wet and windy and all you feel like is a warm pot of soup on the stove…or fireplace….or to keep in your slow cooker. Well…look no further. We have saved you from having a cold tummy and added that little bit extra for if you are feeling under the weather. Mrs Rogers Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and Turmeric are here to create the most tastiest soup, just for you and your family.
Coq Au VinBy adminThere is nothing nicer than a hearty meal cooking in the oven and the smell of thyme and bay leaves roll around the house while helping the kids with their homework. This is definitely a dish that will make everyone hungry. And there’s even a little wine left to enjoy while its cooking!
Gingerbread MilkshakesBy adminNeed something different to fill the kids up? This quick and easy milkshake with make them think they have gone to a really fancy milk bar, without the price tag!
Spiced Apple Tea with a KickBy adminNeeding to create a different sort of an evening tickle? Look no further! The warmth of this tea is so decadent and flavourful that everyone will coming running to see what it is. Mrs Rogers Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves and Star Anise are by far the winners here…and maybe the whiskey too.
Kumara Gnocchi with Herbed Cream SauceBy adminPasta is such a great way to fill those tummies during the cooler months and by making it yourself, you can add flavour to the actual pasta instead of the sauce you put on top. It’s also a lot of fun to make. Get the kids involved!
Vegetable En CrouteBy adminThe term ‘En Croute’ refers to anything food wrapped in pastry and baked. So add Mrs Rogers Garlic and Italian Herb Crusting Crumbs for a winner of a meal!
Herb and Mushroom RisottoBy adminNeed to fill your family’s tummies with a warm and hearty dish that’s quick and easy to make. Using Mrs Rogers Mixed Herbs, Porcini Sea Salt Flakes and Saffron, this will make an easy meal into a new family favourite!
Monkey BreadBy adminHave your little monkeys help you make this yummy Spiced Monkey Bread with Ginger Sauce this Mother’s Day. We guarantee you will all have fun kneading, punching and holding the dough into a fun cake that everyone with enjoy.