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Crumbed Fish CakesThese Crumbed Fish Cakes will become a regular family meal in your home. Mrs Rogers Onion Powder gives the flavour of onion without those little bits that the kids complain about!
Mussel PotA traditional Kiwi fav for the family table. Who remembers having a Mussel Pot on the table for lunch?
Seafood RoastRoast chicken, roast beef, roast vegetables….. why not try Roast Seafood! Mrs Rogers Black Label BBQ Zesty Sesame Southern Oceans Fish Rub makes this roast so easy, quick and of course tasty.
Feta, Parsley, Prawn and Pea FrittataThis Feta, Parsley, Prawn and Pea Frittata can be served hot or cold. It can be an easy dinner or take it to the park for a yummy picnic. It can also be made in a square dish and cut into small bite-size pieces for an easy entertaining nibble.
Sensational SalmonSalmon is such a delicious fish and this creation for an easy crumb will have even the kids interested in trying it!
Mussel PotThis Mussel Pot uses Mrs Rogers Chilli and Lime Sea Salt Medium Grinder. It's a perfect meal to share on a cold winters day.