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Curry CheeseballA good favourite Kiwi nibble is a Curry Cheeseball made with Mrs Rogers Organic Curry Powder of course!
Halloween MummiesWhat’s more exciting than making Halloween Treats? Making Halloween Mummies with the kids! This is a real fun twist on sausage rolls that taste really great with the help of Mrs Rogers Mixed Herbs and Mrs Rogers Garlic Salt. YUM!
Best BitesThese quick and easy bites are perfect to make for picnics, school lunches, or nibbles;les with friends and family.
Smoked Eel Vol au VentsKūčios is the name of the traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner and is held on the night of December 24th. Christmas time is about family so the meal prep takes a good week as it is a collection of 12 different dishes. Meat is not served but fish is….so try making these tasty smoked eel vol au vents!