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Cinnabon-style Cinnamon RollsBelieve it or not, using banana skins in this Banana Skin Creamy Rice recipe makes it taste and look exactly like caramel. Try it, it’s really good.
Cinnamon Coffee ScrubDo your hands smell after preparing meals and you can’t get rid of it? Well, this scrub will not only keep your hands wonderfully soft but will also help to remove those smells while re-using something that you would have thrown away. Winning!
Banana Skin Creamy RiceBelieve it or not, using banana skins in this Banana Skin Creamy Rice recipe makes it taste and look exactly like caramel. Try it, it’s really good.
Ginger Ice CreamWant a dessert to really knock the socks off your dinner party guests? Try this homemade from scratch Ginger Ice Cream. It is so rich that you won’t need anything else.
No Bake Ginger Chocolate TartJust because you’re in the kitchen, doesn’t mean things need to get hot…just a little bit spicy . This No Bake Ginger Chocolate Tart is a great recipe to make with the kids these school holidays, or just whenever.
Apple and Thyme TartThis is a perfect way to enjoy apples at this time of year. This Apple and Thyme Tart is a sheer delight on the taste buds and the whole dessert is vegan!
Cinnamon Cannoli Crackers with Ricotta Toffee DipLove Cannoli but can’t be bothered with all the rolling and frying? Well, this is the recipe for you! Using Mrs Rogers Organic Ground Cinnamon, these are flavour explosions waiting to happen….you won’t have any left!
Cinnamon, Pear and Dark Chocolate Bowl CakeAre you sick of cereal and toast for breakfast? Well, get on the European trend of a Bowl Cake for breakfast. There is no reason not to try this recipe at least once as it is a quick breakfast for one and using Mrs Rogers Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, you know it’s going to be good.
Coconut Sugar and Spice ScrubNeed an easy gift for Mother’s Day? This is just lovely, easy to make and quick! Using Mrs Rogers range of whole spices, it will also look really pretty in Mum’s bathroom.
Mrs Rogers Mulled Wine CobblerMrs Rogers Mulled Wine Cobbler is a very good reason to have a bottle (or more) of red wine in your wine rack as well as a few packets of Mrs Rogers Mulled Wine. They fly off the shelf as quick as they are put there so if you see them, grab them quick!!! Plus, this is also a really tasty pudding to fill those cold tummies.
Spiced Chocolate Crackle Easter EggsThese Spiced Chocolate Crackle Easter Eggs are a great Easter treat to make with the kids these school holidays. Using Mrs Rogers Cinnamon and Nutmeg, they are really yum for adults too!
Spiced ANZAC SliceThis ANZAC Slice is a wonderful spin on the flavours of the ANZAC biscuit, but with a little something extra. Make it to take for a Dawn Service breakfast or to have warm with cream and feijoas
Hot-Cross and Creamy BunTis’ the season for hot-cross buns, and this recipe will make you buy more! Enjoy this crunchy and creamy dessert with all of your family and friends this Easter.
Hot Cross Bun Creme BrûléeThis Hot Cross Bun Creme Brûlée is worth the effort! Using Mrs Rogers Cinnamon and Nutmeg, this yummy recipe is a rather unique Easter treat.
Apple Pie Toffee ApplesThese are a very decadent dessert for anyone who loves apples and cinnamon. And of course, Mrs Rogers spices provide a tasty depth to this yummy treat.
No-Bake Star Anise and Lime Coconut IceRemember Grandma’s coconut ice? Or spending all your pocket-money at the school fair on pink coconutty goodness? Revamp a wonderful food memory by adding a little bit of spice to this old-school sweet. Using Mrs Rogers Star Anise and Vanilla Extract, this special treat won’t last long!
Pancakes with Ginger SauceThese are the lightest, fluffiest and yummiest pancakes, so you have to make them......the ginger caramel sauce is to DIE for too.
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