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Piri Piri Roast ChickenLove a good roasted chicken? Well you need to try this recipe. This Piri Piri Roast Chicken will become a favourite and will make your food go a lot further as the other half of the chicken is used for other meals! Once devoured, use the bones to make a spicy chicken stock.
Chicken and Potato BakeWant and easy meal that can use the chicken meat and chicken broth we made earlier? This Chicken and Potato Bake is a good family meal and can use up some of those old vegetables by adding them to the layers.
Upcycled Black Tea Bag ChickenEach tea bag is around 2 grams of tea, which doesn’t seem a lot - but annually the average Kiwi throws away 1.2kg of tea, and yet each bag still is still usable for many things. Not only are many of the leading brands of tea bags compostable, but collecting up the used tea to be used in this unique chicken recipe means you are upcycling in a rather unique way. Upcycled Black Tea Bag Chicken is well worth the effort and of course, Mrs Rogers Organic Garlic and Herb Salt adds the finishing flavour.
Easy Grilled ChickenEasy Grilled Chicken is one the whole family will love. The flavours are simple and you meal will be complete with a crisp salad.
Easy Grilled ChickenEasy Grilled Chicken is one the whole family will love. The flavours are simple and you meal will be complete with with a crisp salad.
Chicken Tinfoil DinnerThe best thing about this dinner, other than the flavours you’ve created, is the fact that you can make them up in advance or tailor them to what each individual family member will eat! So there’s no food waste. That’s a winning recipe right there.
Southern Style ChickenDuring the 1970’s Japan didn’t have a specific Christmas tradition however a popular fried chicken fast food conducted an amazing marketing plan to encourage Japan to purchase their product to celebrate Christmas. And the tradition still survives so much so that most people have to prebook their chicken so as not to miss out. Luckily for us, we have Mrs Roger’s Southern Style Chicken Coating so that we will never miss out!
Coq Au VinThere is nothing nicer than a hearty meal cooking in the oven and the smell of thyme and bay leaves roll around the house while helping the kids with their homework. This is definitely a dish that will make everyone hungry. And there’s even a little wine left to enjoy while its cooking!
Easy Chicken & Vege Pie!Today we have teamed up with the team at NZ’s own “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign, and we will be making an easy homemade Chicken and Vegetable pie using Mrs Rogers Mixed Herbs and Mrs Rogers salt and pepper.
Chicken Masala made with loveLIVE Welcome to Mrs Rogers Test Kitchen - learn how to COMBINE AMAZING SPICES and make INCREDIBLE homemade Chicken Masala. YUM!
Crunchy Chicken StripsIt's always good to have options, and these low carb (but higher fat) Crunchy Chicken Strips are something everyone in the family can eat.
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