Tumeric Ground

Tumeric Ground

Tumeric Ground

Available in 45g Shaker Jar

    Turmeric is the richly coloured ground root of a tropical South Asian plant of the Ginger family.

    Suggested Uses

    ◾Often combined with spicy, exotic spices in traditional Indian or Asian vegetable dishes.

    ◾Add early on during the cooking process.

    Extracts of turmeric are used commercially as a food colourant, and domestically used to add colour to food.

    Be careful of spills as it has a tendency to stain.

    The Variety

    Turmeric is the dried and ground rhizome of Curcuma longa, in the ginger family, native to Southern Asia.

    For Your Appreciation

    Mild and earthy in flavour, Turmeric is used to give a most attractive natural colouring to food. Often used as a replacement for more expensive Saffron to add colour to food.