Thai Seasoning

Mrs Rogers Eco Thai Seasoning

Thai Seasoning

Thai Seasoning

Available in 32g ECO Pack

    Zesty flavours, aromatic lemongrass, spices & a hint of chilli.

    Suggested Uses

    Sprinkle over chicken before grilling or BBQ & serve on coconut rice with a squeeze of lime juice & fresh coriander leaves

    Add liberally to Thai inspired stir fry, rice dishes or BBQ meats & veges.

    The Variety

    Made in New Zealand to my own recipe, using quality herbs & spices, inspired by zesty and aromatic Thai flavours.

    Ingredients; Himalayan Salt, Coriander, Sugar, Garlic, Cumin, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Mint, Spices, Chilli, Citric Acid, Natural Lime Flavour

    For Your Appreciation

    My Thai Seasoning combines aromatic herbs and spices, with lemongrass and a hint of curry, to give a  delicious Thai inspired flavour.