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51g Shaker Jar

Sumac is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern food. It has a mild aromatic and lemon-like flavour.

Suggested Uses

Adds tartness to mayonnaise and yoghurt based dressings.

Makes a delicious zesty garnish.

Sumac enhances the flavour of grilled meats and fish and adds zing when sprinkled over hummus.

  • For zest add to freshly cut onion and salt on doner kebabs.
  • Use to add an interesting flavour to rice.
  • Combine with Thyme, Sesame and Salt for zesty Za’atar.

The Variety

Sumac is a ground berry from a shrub in the genus Rhus. A reddish-purple spice, used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

For Your Appreciation

Sumac is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern food, adding a lemon-like flavour and beautiful colour to a dish.


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