Sesame Seeds – White

Available in
40g ECO Pack

Sesame seeds have a nutty flavour, rich in oils and iron.

Suggested Uses

They are ideal for breads, rolls, coffee cakes, cookies or pies that are going to be baked, or on any food that will brown during cooking.
Sesame is used in confectionary and desserts for a nutty flavour.
Sesame seeds are pressed for their oil, which is a key element in Japanese cooking.
Sesame is ground into a paste called Tahini and used in Turkish and Middle-Eastern cuisine, especially in hummus.
Combine with Thyme, Sumac & Salt for zesty Za’atar.

The Variety

The seeds of Sesamum indicum, Sesame is one of the oldest cultivated oil seeds, naturalised in tropical regions and thought to have originated in India.

For Your Appreciation

The oldest cultivated oilseed, Sesame has a nutty flavour, commonly associated as a topping for baking, it is also used for its high content of flavourful oil.



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