Premium Tulip Muffin Wraps

Mrs Rogers Premium Tulip Muffin Wraps

Premium Tulip Muffin Wraps

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Premium Tulip Muffin Wraps

Available in : 24 muffin wraps in a pottle.

    Italian café style at home! Each tulip cup is individually made and unique.

    Suggested Uses

    Use my Tulip Bake Cups in a regular muffin pan to create professional looking muffins, cupcakes, chocolate crackles & all sorts of treats.

    The Variety

    Made in Italy from high quality Swedish made greaseproof paper.

    For Your Appreciation

    The paper we have chosen is a special wax treated, heavy duty, grease-proof paper designed for use in baking cups.

    The extra-thick greaseproof paper maintains moisture in your baking so aroma is preserved and the cake stays moist and delicious.