Paprika Smoked

Paprika Smoked

Paprika Smoked

Available in 41g Shaker Jar

    Mild Paprika is specially selected and wood smoke dried, for an earthy smoked flavour and vibrant colour.

    Suggested Uses

    Adds flavour to Spanish and Mexican dishes.

    Perfect to add a deep sweet-smokey flavour and intensity to stews, paella, casseroles and soups, as well as BBQ meats & vegetables.
    Frying in a little oil will help release the full flavour and aroma.

    The Variety

    Paprika is a cultivar of Capsicum annuum, as with all other chilli types, and can be found in mild, hot, sweet and smoked varieties.

    For Your Appreciation

    My Smoked Paprika is mild and sweet, with an earthy smoke flavour and provides richness as background flavour and vibrant colour. For increased hotness it is necessary to add chilli.