Organic Onion Minced

Organic Onion Minced

Organic Onion Minced

Available in 20g Organic Eco Pack

    Dried onion adds a savoury richness and depth of flavour to dishes.

    – Keep Onion flakes on hand for when you only need a small amount of onion flavour.
    – Simply place in a small amount of hot water to rehydrate then add to your dish.
    – Add early in cooking to allow flavours to be drawn out.
    – Sprinkle onto meats before grilling or barbecuing.
    – Mix into burger patties and meatloaf.
    – Stir through dips and cold sauces without raw onion flavour.
    – Perfect for savoury baking.

    The Variety

    Onion, Allium cepa, is a common bulb that is related to garlic, leek and chives. It is widely used and is cultivated worldwide and has a history dating back over 7,000 years.

    Certified organic by BioGro NZ, for your assurance of quality and purity.

    For Your Appreciation

    Onion adds a savoury flavour and depth to a dish. Perfect for use when raw onion flavour or extra moisture is not desired.