Mustard Powder

Available in
30g ECO Pack

Mustard Powder is finely ground Yellow Mustard, and has a hot, pungent flavour.

Suggested Uses

For a simple mustard, mix with equal quantity of cold water & leave to develop its flavour.

Add to sauces and gravies and well known for use in pickles and chutneys.

Sprinkle over steak before grilling for a bold flavour.

Great in salad dressings & adds a tang to mayonnaise.

Add near end of cooking & avoid overheating as pungency will be reduced.

The Variety

The finely ground seeds of the mustard plant Brassica hirta, in family Brassicaceae, along with broccoli and cabbage.

For Your Appreciation

Mustard Powder is the finely ground inner part of the mustard seed, with the husk removed. It retains all the volatile oils and has a pure clean flavour.

Mustard is a condiment with so many uses and is one of the most widely used spices and condiments in the world. Known especially in wet form as a condiment for meets, breads and cheese. Moisture causes an enzymatic reaction in the seed that creates the characterising mustard flavour and heat, which varies from mild and sweet American type mustards to very hot English mustards.



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