Mrs Rogers BBQ Rub Competition Low ‘n Slow

Available in
85g container

A bold spice rub, smokey-sweet with an oak smoked paprika, espresso and backed up with a warming chipotle kick. A versatile brisket, rib or steak rub.

Suggested Uses

Sprinkle liberally and rub onto lightly oiled ribs, brisket, or other meats before smoking. Use on seared steaks, games meats and vegetables, even roasts and add flavour to stew and chilli con carne. Turn meats carefully to avoid breaking the delicious crusty bark.

The Variety

Ingredients: Herbs and Spices (smoked paprika (13%), garlic, cumin, onion, pepper, coriander seeds, chipotle (4%), oregano, mustard, thyme, allspice), Himalayan Pink Salt, Sugar, Espresso Coffee (5%).


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