Organic Basil

Organic Basil

Organic Basil

Available in 10g Organic Eco Pack

    Basil is a herb with spicy overtones of aniseed and is often associated with Italian cooking. It is delicious when combined with tomatoes and then either cooked or in a salad.

    Suggested Uses

    • Basil is an essential ingredient in any tomato based pasta sauce or soup.
    • Basil makes a delicious salad dressing – combine olive oil and lemon juice with Garlic and a sprinkling of Basil, salt and pepper.
    • Potatoes and vegetables are great roasted with olive oil and Basil.
    • Sprinkle Basil onto pizzas and pasta, together with Oregano, for an authentic Italian flavour.
    • Sprinkle a mixture of Basil, salt, Cumin and Coriander onto lamb chops before grilling.
    • Use in stuffing, omelettes and savoury scones

    The Variety

    There are many varieties of Ocimum basilicum, I have chosen Sweet Basil, most typically associated with Italian cuisine.
    Basil is a culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae (mints).
    Basil is also called the “king of herbs” and the “royal herb”.

    Certified organic by BioGro NZ, for your assurance of quality and purity.

    For Your Appreciation

    Basil complements tomatoes, green vegetables, salads, soups, eggs, fish, cheese, lamb, pizza and pasta sauces.