Homemade Corn Chips

Create your own Corn Chips with this easy and tasty recipe.

Coffee and Cardamon Keto Baked Cheesecake

This baked cheesecake is so yummy, you won't even know you're eating Keto!

Spiced Hot Water Chocolate Cake

Why not make this extremely AWESOME Spiced Hot Water Chocolate Cake that is so moist and delish that there won't be any left for tomorrow. 

Cinnamon Afghan Biscuits

Afghan Biscuits are a Kiwi classic, but we've spiced them up a little!

Chocolate Black Salted Caramel Cup Cakes with Meringue Butter Cream Icing

Mrs Rogers large EcoPack of Black Salt Flakes is the perfect ingredient for these Chocolate Black Salted Caramel Cup Cakes with Meringue Butter Cream Icing. They are very impressive and worth all the effort.

Pinch and a Punch Fruit Muffins

Pinch and a punch Fruit Muffins! These muffins are really easy to make and you can use any fruit (or chocolate) you like. The orange juice compliments Mrs Rogers Cinnamon and Mrs Rogers Ginger so well, there won't be any left!

Apple Donuts

International Donut Day is the perfect excuse to make donuts! And these Apple Donuts using Mrs Rogers Ceylon Cinnamon will delight everyone. 

Kumara and Ham Cheat Scones

These Kumara and Ham Cheat Scones are so tasty you could just eat them warm with butter..... or serve them with soup! There's no need to cut butter into this scone mixture and by adding Mrs Rogers Kiwi Roast Blend, they have that extra boost of flavour.

Tuscan Scones

For an easy lunch, try this Tuscan Scone recipe using Mrs Rogers Tuscan Seasoning. Either make individual scones or a whole loaf so you can pull it apart.

Speculaas Ginger Cookies

These Speculaas Ginger Cookies are so tasty, even the kids will love them. They are perfect for any day of the week but you could have two on a Saturday!