Himalayan Pink Salt Fine

Mrs Rogers Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Bag

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine

Available in 400g Resealable Bag

Suggested Uses

    Himalayan Salt is a pure, unprocessed alternative to refined white salts.

    The Variety

    Himalayan Pink Salt is 100% natural, unrefined rock salt, mined deep within the foothills of the Himalayas.

    For Your Appreciation

    100% Natural, unrefined rock salt, mined deep within the foothills of the Himalayas. Free from chemicals, additives & anti-caking agents. 

    Certified suitable for Organic Input by BioGro New Zealand, for reassurance of quality and purity.

    Said to be over 250 million years old, & naturally pink in colour, the ancient salt bed is regarded as the purest salt on earth, uncontaminated by modern pollutants & toxins.

    Featured Recipe

    Chocolate Ganache

    If water is introduced to a standard ganache it can ruin it, however this recipe does just that and makes a deliciously smooth chocolate ganache, without the added fat of cream and butter. Cream also alters the flavour and some find it too rich, this recipe has only the pure flavours of the chocolate itself. It is really easy and is my go-to recipe for icings, desserts and quick truffles. (without having to have cream in the fridge!)

    Additional Information

    Health Benefits
    • It contains many trace elements and minerals including Iodine, Calcium & Iron, in their natural form
    • It has a balanced crystalline structure, meaning the minerals are easily metabolized by your body.
    • Salt is a natural flavour enhancer. I recommend you use sparingly to avoid excessive intake. A good rule is to add a little at the start of cooking & more to taste before serving.
    • Salt is anti-microbial so it does not harbour bacteria. For this reason salt is used in pickling and preserving, as well as curing meats.
    For Your Convenience
    • A bulk option for your favourite seasonings.
      The convenient ziplock bag keeps the product fresh and the box pouch is tidy in your pantry.

      For easy pouring, make a V shape in the front of the bag rather than trying to pour from the side of the bag.

    Available In...
    • 400g Resealable Bag