Hi, thank you for your question. Vanilla sugar is simply sugar that is combined with the flavour or aroma of Vanilla. There are two really easy ways to make it to ensure you are getting natural vanilla flavour. Store brought vanilla sugar, if available, may contain a vanilla flavouring or essence.

  1. Get 2 Mrs Rogers Vanilla Pods, split the pods with a paring knife, place in a jar and fill 3/4 with sugar. Tighten the lid and give it a good shake. Leave the jar closed for around a week, shaking occasionally to mix. This allows the flavour and aroma to combine with the sugar. You can then top up the sugar as you use it, the vanilla pod’s pungent flavour will last months.
  2. Get 2 Mrs Rogers Vanilla Pods, split length-ways and remove all the paste / seeds inside. Add the vanilla paste / seeds, together with 500g of sugar in a blender and blend until well combined. Place sugar in a jar and use as you wish.

Vanilla sugar adds a heavenly, sweet flavour and aroma to baked goodies, tea and coffee.

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