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  • On the ingredients list of the Mrs. Rogers organics gourmet pepper we have bought, it says all ingredients are organic, except the Pink peppercorns. If part of the end product is not *organic, Please advise.
Thank you for your question and interest in our products.

To be classed as Organic, a product must include minimum 95% Certified Organic ingredients. Our Gourmet Pepper contains 96% Certified Organic ingredients. This is because there is no availability of certified organic Pink/Red Peppercorns. We do however strive to source the best quality, natural ingredients that are often as good as organic or organically grown, but just do not have the official certification.

We have a very thorough product specification for each of our ingredients to ensure they meet our strict standards and I assure you they contain no additives, allergens, or GE inclusions.

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