Our Mrs Rogers Himalayan Salt is 100% natural, unrefined rock salt, mined in Pakistan deep within the foothills of the Himalayas.

It is unprocessed and contains many trace elements and minerals including Iodine, Calcium & Iron, in their natural form.

There are a few brands of Himalayan Salt on the market, and the salt is usually from the same source. It is the processor of the raw material that makes the difference in quality.

We have reviewed many suppliers before settling on the one we currently have, and we are very pleased with the quality of salt we put forward to our customers.

Our supply goes through many checks from its receipt in large boulders to the final salt crystals. Included in the process; the salt is washed and dried to remove impurities before it goes through a colour sorting machine that uses CCD technology to remove as much foreign material as possible. All processes use stainless steel machines and sieves, which is important due to the corrosive nature of salt. This results in a clean salt that is unrefined.

We have also taken it a step further and gained certification for our supply to be suitable for Organic Input by BioGro New Zealand, for reassurance of quality and purity.

Himalayan Salt is suitable as an unprocessed and unrefined alternative to table salt for general cooking, grinding and seasoning. Keep in a cool dry area to avoid salt clumping.

Said to be over 250 million years old, the ancient salt bed is regarded as the purest salt on earth, uncontaminated by modern pollutants & toxins. Due to the content of iron it is naturally pink in colour. It has a balanced crystalline structure, meaning the minerals are easily metabolized by your body.

Salt is a natural flavour enhancer. I recommend you use sparingly to avoid excessive intake. A good rule is to add a little at the start of cooking & more to taste before serving.

Salt is anti-microbial so it does not harbour bacteria. For this reason salt is used in pickling and preserving, as well as curing meats.

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