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  • I have bought some Mrs Rogers salt to use in a classroom lesson. Please tell me where your salt is sourced from and what is in it. Why is some of it a brown colour?
All of our salt is harvested at the top of the South Islands where the Southern oceans flow into the salt fields at Lake Grassmere, and are evaporated by the natural process of sun and wind. It is then crushed, washed, kiln dried & sterilised.

Salt is an essential part of our body chemistry and although we sometimes need to eat more salt, we usually eat too much. It is worthwhile to consider how much salt you are consuming. Are you really tasting the food, or tasting the salt? It can be addictive because of its ability to stimulate our taste buds to discern what flavour is inherently present in our food. Once it reaches this amount, the salt becomes harmful to your health, as then excessive quantities need adding to your cooking.

Mrs Rogers Organic Salt is New Zealand solar-dried crystalline natural Sea Salt. Use as a basic ingredient, however a good rule is to always use it sparingly.

Our Organic Salt is less processed than our other salts which gives it its brownish / beige colour. It contains valuable sea water trace elements & minerals and as it is less processed than the other bright white salts, it has a richer, natural taste. This also means you can add slightly less salt to get your desired flavour.

Being less processed, it means Organic Salt has a higher moisture content, making it less suited to use in grinders as it may cause clogging.

Mrs Rogers Organic Salt is perfect as a cooking salt.

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